AAA Gold Exchange is a cash for gold service that has many benefits. This company will buy your gold jewelry, scrap gold and other bullion. The service pays a fair price and has a dependable reputation. AAA Gold Exchange provides an exceptional guarantee, along with step-by-step guidance and online resources to assist you in your gold selling. However, we are disappointed with a few aspects of this service, which is why it ranks lower on our lineup.

AAA Gold Exchange has been in the gold buying and selling business for more than 15 years. The company's website offers customer testimonials and other high business ratings that it has received. However, there is no media coverage available on the website, which would help build your trust in the company.

This cash for gold service offers a high price guarantee, which states that they will beat any other offer you receive by 10 percent. However, diamonds and bullion are not included under this guarantee. There is also a two-week satisfaction guarantee available from this service.

You can sell a variety of items to these gold jewelry buyers. They will buy any gold, silver or platinum items. They will also buy any diamonds you are willing to sell. However, they will not buy any gold-plated or gold-filled items.

This cash for gold service displays the steps to selling your gold on its website. This information lets you know exactly the gold selling process and lets you identify any holes in the process that might appear before you send in your gold. There are two different ways that you can sell gold jewelry, scrap gold and other items to this service. You can mail in your valuables using a prepaid, insured shipping package. By filling out a form on the AAA Gold Exchange website, you will receive your prepaid shipping envelope, which is insured for $1,000.

Once AAA Gold Exchange receives your items, the buyers will send you an offer. If you accept, they will send you a check in the mail. A check is the only option for payment available from this cash for gold service, which is a drawback. We would have liked to see payment options through a PayPal account and direct deposit.

The other option for selling your gold is to take it into one of the 27 locations AAA Gold Exchange owns. These locations are scattered across three states, with the majority of the stores located in California. If you take your valuables to one of the locations, you will receive an offer immediately so you can walk out with money in hand.

AAA Gold Exchange provides most of the customer service options that you would expect to see from a cash for gold website. Some of these include a physical mailing address, toll-free phone number and a support email address. The company also provides a detailed FAQs section on its website to help you if any additional questions arise while you use the service.

AAA Gold Exchange Summary:

AAA Gold Exchange is a good company with a solid reputation in the cash for gold industry. It provides a handful of locations to make the selling process easy, but if you are not nearby a store, the mail-in option also works smoothly and quickly. The detailed information about the company and its processes is helpful, and the ability to sell a variety of items is a benefit. Even though checks are the only payment option, and we would have liked to see more media coverage on the website to boost the company's reputation, this cash for gold service will provide you with the extra money you are looking for.

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AAA Gold Exchange

AAA Gold Exchange will buy your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, whether it's in jewelry or bullion form. The company also has more than two dozen physical locations in the United States.

This cash for gold service does not provide any media coverage on its website.

The Verdict
: 7.25/10

With a two-week satisfaction and high price guarantee, AAA Gold Exchange Service provides peace of mind with its service. The company offers many of the same features you will find in most cash for gold services, but the physical locations and selling options are benefits of using this company.